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Genevieve’s Book of the Month: April 2013
Genevieve Fox

Homesick by Roshi Fernando, Bloomsbury

Homesick by Roshi FernandoI thoroughly recommend Homesick, a collection of interconnected short stories by Asian writer Roshi Fernando. Her voice is strong and engaging and the stories themselves, focusing on an extended Sri Lankan family in south London, are raucous, racy, moving, violent and eye-opening. Their tonal sweep is as broad as the political, social and emotional changes the community encounters over the decades.
As time moves on, we witness the Westernised, teenage Preethi’s growing pains and those of a community wanting to fit in. As Preethi gets older, questions of identity simply get harder. What never goes away is an undercurrent of casual racism.
Roshi Fernando reading from HomesickFernando explores the painful, humiliating and even violent, challenges of being an immigrant in the UK in the Sixties and Seventies and the political differences that can divide their offspring.
Cutting across generations and race, Fernando is fearless, and often very funny. Her vast cast of characters is vividly drawn and her subjects encompass everything from the eroticism of an unexpected kiss and the vagaries of marital love to a friendship forged during the 7/7 atrocities. Every story is underpinned by the question of what is means to belong, and how far that is measured by physical and cultural boundaries. “Here we are, in England,” laments a now middle-aged, vulnerable Preethi in ‘At the Funeral,’ “and we’re different, and there we are in Sri Lanka, and we’re different. Nowhere is home, nowhere!”

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Hooray, I’ve got a NBBF!
Genevieve Fox

My new best book friends. I am always discovering new authors and, every now and again,  I come across someone whose work I adore. What I really love is going to hear that same reader talk and discovering that they are even  more wonderful in real life. They then become my new best book friend, or NBBF.

Sharon Olds - poet and authorStag's Leap book coverLast year, my  NNBF was the American poet Sharon Olds, who read from ‘Stag’s Leap’. She has since won the T S Eliot award – a world first for a poet in bunches.